Earn upto 50% in cash for every new client you refer.
There is absolutely no cost to you,
and the earning potential is substantial!

The SiteDone Cash Rewards Program is one of the most rewarding programs that we offer.

How It Works

When you bring customers to purchase our website plans, you will receive 50% or 25% or 10% in cash rewards per referral, please read below our rewards structure. You send the customers our way, we'll do the rest.

Joining the SiteDone's Cash Rewards Program is FREE! and only takes a minute. All you have to do to become a cash rewards member is register through our signup form and we'll give you a personalized tracking code to identify you and the visitors you send. Click on the join now button below to begin!

I accept to the Cash Rewards Program Agreement.


For Business Website Plans
(Basic Plan & Plus Plan)
You get 50% cash reward for referring new clients and not for renewals or upgrades.


For Shopping Website Plans
(Elite Plan & Pro Plan)
You get 25% cash reward for referring new clients and not for renewals or upgrades.


For All Add-on Services
You get 10% cash reward for referring new clients and not for renewals.


Should I pay to join the Cash Rewards Program?

SiteDone's Cash Rewards Program is FREE. Anyone can join our cash rewards program, there is no cost to join. You can sign up by clicking the "Join Now" button above.

How will you identify the person whom I referred?

You will receive a Unique Rewards Link, which is a URL that directs people to SiteDone's website. When someone clicks on your URL, our system keeps track of the person as a customer sent by you. Our system can identify the person whom you referred for upto 90 days, so even if the prospective customer comes back another time to make a purchase, you will still get cash rewards for the sale!

Can I refer a person offline or without a Rewards Link URL?

Yes, you can. To refer a person offline and to manually assign that customer under your Rewards Account, you should first open a ticket with our Rewards Department and inform us in advance/ahead of the invoice being generated "that you are directly sending your friend to our website and his name is Mr.XXXXX and email is XXXXXX@XXX.com". Please Note that we will verify your ticket received time with the invoice generated time and the ticket received time should be ahead of invoice generated time, only then we will be able to manually assign the customer under your Rewards Account.

We will not accept your request, if you open a ticket after your friend/customer place the order and invoice generated.

Will I get my cash reward as soon as you receive an order?

We will hold cash rewards from a successful sale for up to 15 days. This is done to avoid paying commission on fraudulent orders or those cancelled within a few days of ordering as the commission is only paid if the service is still active at the end of 15 days period.

How do I get paid? Can I withdraw cash rewards to my bank account?

We pay cash rewards within 3 business days, when you make a withdrawal request from your members area. The minimum payment threshold is $10 and payments are made via PayPal.

We can only transfer money via PayPal. You can then withdraw funds from PayPal to your local bank account.

Can I pay my invoice on SiteDone using my available Rewards Cash?

Yes, to apply Rewards Cash to an invoice you should open a ticket with the Rewards Department and request to apply credit to the invoice number XXXXX of your choice. Rewards Cash once applied to an invoice cannot be reversed.